Servest Parking Management and Technology Solutions

Our parking solutions manage 250 000 parking bays across Africa every day.

Servest has become known as an innovative and astute problem solver in the parking management industry. We offer new technology and breakthrough systems that are changing the game across the continent. Some of these solutions include,

  • Operations and parking management solutions that reduce traffic in your premises and keep the traffic flowing freely.
  • Parking systems that make use of innovative features such as cashless payments and smartphone payments, reducing the hassle for your guests.
  • Building management solutions that eliminate the need for unnecessary admin functions through automation.
  • Security system solutions that ensure your premises and business is protected at all costs through offsite monitoring, manned guards and surveillance systems that are innovative and effective.
  • Advisory services to keep your business ahead of trends while streamlining the process systems that may cause delays in your overall performance.

Parking management solutions is more than just finding a parking spot. With our efficient solutions, we offer parking equipment and advisory services to make traffic surveillance and automated parking, easy for your staff and customers.

Integrated Facilities Solutions? Think Servest.