Integrated Solutions

Personalised integrated facilities management solutions across multiple sectors.

Our goal is to optimise our structure and processes to ensure reduced costs, optimised efficiencies and improved customer service. We partner with our clients to provide well-considered solutions that optimise and support their strategic business goals to support them to increase their triple bottom line.

Beyond conventional facilities management, Servest can design and create safe and comfortable tailor-made solutions that are environmentally friendly and focused on cost optimisation without compromising on quality.

We understand whole view thinking and its impact on our clients’ business; and offer future thinking solutions to create the right spaces for work, play and life, and our smart building often optimises and reduces costs while ensuring that we minimise your carbon footprint. We follow a consultative process that assesses each individual business element and its impact on people and the planet.

Our extensive experience gives us a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs, their pain points and their challenges with facilities management. The Servest integrated facilities management solution addresses all these aspects including:

  • building condition assessments
  • functionality planning and solutions
  • design
  • safety and security to environment
  • profits
  • bottom-line thinking

We do this by shifting our approach – rather than emphasise single or managed services, we strive to become strategic partners with our clients. This shift allows us to analyse and understand client needs specific to their business and industry. Based on this understanding of our clients’ strategic imperatives, our solutions are categorised into four business/bottom line pillars – profit, people, planet, and cross impacts.

Individual Services

Individual or managed services are the tools we use to deliver our integrated solutions. We understand that at times our clients only require individual services. To this end, we do offer services on an individual or managed basis, to assist our clients in meeting any of their facilities or marine requirements.