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Our Most Important Ingredient is

Servest designs and operates professional corporate restaurants for all market segments, and excels in providing tailor-made catering services to customers based in offices, educational establishments, health care, senior citizens, distribution centres and manufacturing.

Whether your location operates Monday to Friday, nine to five, seven days a week or 24 hours a day, we have the food, menus, people, service and support to provide a memorable and high quality catering experience.

Best in Class

Not only do we focus on high-quality facilities management, but also top class catering. Our qualified and experienced chefs play an important role in creating unique, memorable visitor experiences which is what ultimately differentiates us from our competitors. We employ site managers who are culinary experts or chefs, so that their passion, flair and attention to detail cascades as part of their on-site culture.

We cook real food from real ingredients

Where practically possible, we aim to reduce the amount of value-added products on site and prefer to make as much as possible from scratch, using fresh ingredients, which is another differentiating factor.

We make use of the services of a number of independent dieticians to compile our menus. All of our menus are dietetically analysed in order to provide our valued customers with the necessary information to make informed choices when it comes to their meals.

Our menus are planned to reflect cultural preferences and seasonal ingredients and wastage is limited through efficient preparation practices.