Servest’s specialised teams will partner with you and provide the right
solutions to enhance your environment with indoor plants and pest control.

  • Enhance indoor environments
  • Protect your assets
  • Reduce health risks
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Uplift your employees and customers, and keep visitors safe
  • Trusted by more than 6 500 clients across Sub-Saharan Africa

Create beautiful spaces for your business to thrive.

Gold Standard Plants and Pests Solution

Do you want the Gold Standard in office plants and pest control solutions?

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Servest Office Plants

  • On-site surveys to discuss planning and design
  • Beautifully designed plants
  • Striking indoor displays
  • Nurture, water and maintain plants
  • Specialised designs, installation, and maintenance

Servest Pest Control

  • Bed bug control
  • Insect identification services
  • Inspect and eliminate pests
  • Rodent and insect monitoring and control
  • Ongoing audits and inspection

Gold Standard Solutions

Servest Facilities Management

Enforce superior Facilities Management standards, focus on your core business.

Servest Landscaping

Create and maintain world-class and environmentally-friendly landscaping, sports pitches, gold courses, and artificial turf.

Servest Security

Daily security, manned guarding, tactical armed response, riot control, and on and off-site monitoring.

Servest Office Plants

Enhance spaces, purify the air, increase productivity, boost creativity, and reduce stress.

Servest Cleaning

Ensure sparkling, clean, safe, and hygienic spaces that make a lasting impression.

Servest Pest Control

Protect your buildings and reduce health risks with safe and effective pest control services.