Servest Office & Hygiene Solutions

Servest takes pride in offering our clients reliable solutions for bathrooms, canteens and kitchens. These solutions include daily cleaning and servicing while complying with health and safety regulations.

Some of our office solutions include,

  • Office plants and interior landscaping to create an office environment that thrives with oxygen and reminds your people of urban gardens at their finest.
  • Hygiene equipment to ensure bugs and sicknesses are limited within your property.
  • Pest control to eliminate the unwanted guests in your properties.
  • Deep cleaning to keep your property disinfected, hygienic and free from unwanted germs.
  • Drinking water solutions to keep your teams hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

Our chemical deep cleaning solutions not only cleans but also disinfects. Our teams are equipped to provide pest control, look after office plants and water solutions.

The Servest cleaning and hygiene teams follow HACCP standards to avoid cross-contamination.

Integrated Facilities Solutions? Think Servest.