Servest Catering Solutions

When it comes to food and catering, Servest believes in delivering an exceptional experience.

Our team only use sustainably grown fresh ingredients and products. Our bespoke catering solutions are perfect for events, canteens, the hospitality industry, corporate restaurants and schools, and can be tailored for all dietary requirements. Our catering solutions include,

  • Bespoke catering solutions that are tailored to your business and include canteens, centralised kitchens and event catering.
  • Educational catering for universities, schools and corporate training events.
  • Event catering solutions that cover everything from serviettes, special dietary meals and leaves your guests licking their lips.
  • Vending machines are perfect to generate income for your business as well as keep your employees with easy access to snacks and drinks.
  • Coffee solutions are perfect to keep your business and employees inhaling the welcoming scent of coffee through our exclusive Groundhouse franchise.

Contact the food specialists for your corporate catering solutions.

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