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Off-Site Monitoring

By 15th January 2018Blog
Off-site monitoring

Too invasive, or a necessity in South Africa?
As South African citizens and businesses, we have to deal with the reality of crime on a daily basis. These security and safety risks are dynamic and ever changing.

We need to keep our family, colleagues and clients safe, and provide a secure environment, without instilling a sense of imprisonment. This makes preventative, dynamic security solutions a priority.

The goal is to take security solutions even further, and with an increasing rate of technological innovation in the Security industry, the above can be effectively achieved with off-site monitoring services.

Off-site monitoring is becoming the fastest growing sector in the security industry
Security for big businesses and residential estates has mostly consisted of guards physically patrolling their perimeters; with additional monitoring of the premises via CCTV viewed at their on-site control rooms. There are however many issues associated with this model, which include collusion between guards and criminals, along with basic human error – falling asleep whilst on watch.

This has helped pave the way for off-site monitoring to rapidly become the fastest growing sector of the security industry. This solution entails a firm to be brought in, to monitor all security cameras and security points, from a remote location. It is also scalable, so in times of high risk, instead of hiring more temporary manpower on-site, you just increase monitoring capability, which allows more visibility and control.

Independent off-site monitoring companies, are able to offer focused, specialised services to businesses, in order to give them the ultimate peace of mind. These companies have been able to assist many of their clients with the prevention of incidents, which has saved their businesses’ substantially. By offering 24 hour event driven monitoring, they are able to alert clients immediately, and through the cameras, they are able to verify what the incident or threat is, and alert the necessary responses and authorities.

Cost effectiveness of virtual guards
With the current economic conditions, businesses are looking to save costs whilst not compromising on security and safety. This makes the cost effectiveness of independent, off-site monitoring a major catalyst in ensuring its rapid success in the security industry. While traditional guarding can come with increasing costs per guard, off-site monitoring is significantly cheaper.

Tailor made off-site monitoring services
Here at Servest, we offer off-site monitoring services ranging from continuous remote surveillance to event triggered monitoring, as well as proactive dial in CCTV touring/virtual patrols. Our highly trained surveillance operators observe, interpret, predict, anticipate, and evaluate the potential risk from our state of the art control centre. We have response procedures and policies in place to ensure that quick and appropriate action is taken once a positive incident has been identified.

Our services include:
• Event driven off-site monitoring (analytics, video feed, alarm intrusion)
• Remote off-site monitoring (virtual patrols, alarms, verification via CCTV)
• Real time security personnel monitoring and tracking
• Online intelligence

Off-site monitoring is fast becoming an essential addition to traditional security measures businesses already have in place. It allows you to use technology to stay ahead of the criminal element and secure your business and colleagues at all times, in the most cost-effective way.

For more information on Servest’s off-site monitoring services, visit our website – www.servest.co.za/services/security/

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