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Johannesburg Stock Exchange

By 28th February 2017Case Studies

Servest Landscaping was contracted to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange to do maintenance of the external landscaping in 1999. Servest continues to do the maintenance for the Exchange which is a complex environment due to the high pedestrian traffic of the site.

This means that all work needs to be done early in the morning or later at night. Cool seasonal lawn has been installed in areas that have limited lighting.

Servest Security is the fifth largest of its kind nationally and has a track record of 22 years. The division was contracted to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2005. The current contract provides for access control and general patrols. On and off-site monitoring is handled through state of the art technology. Servest managed the ANC Youth League March to the JSE and accepted the Memorandum of Agreement from the League. The division has gained credibility for its managing of this high profile environment and the protection of dignitaries and VIP guests visiting the site.

Servest Hygiene is the third biggest of its kind nationally and has enjoyed a long relationship with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange after being contracted through Facilities Management Africa – a management company working for the JSE. Servest provides Washroom and Deep Cleaning services to the site as well as a range of cleaning consumables.
Deep cleaning is a specialised service requiring HACCP training and specific equipment and chemicals. Customised processes include descaling, cleaning and sanitizing areas removing hidden bacteria. This is critical in preventing the spread of chemicals and prevents the spread of Hepatitis B, Herpes Virus, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E-Coli and Salmonella.

Our deep cleaning process focuses on descaling, cleaning and sanitising areas removing hidden bacteria. Kitchen deep cleaning is recommended to improve and maintain hygiene standards in food preparation areas. This also reduces the risk of fire by removing the build up of fat and greasy deposits in filters, canopies, ducting and around electrical points.

Cleaning chemicals – this range includes floorcare, carpetcare, washrooms, garages and laundry
Cleaning equipment – a comprehensive range including wet and dry vacuum cleaners, floor care equipment and high-pressure cleaners
Cleaning consumables – a wide range from paper products to soaps and dispensers
Janitorial equipment – includes local and international range of high quality brushware and ancillary products

Servest Cleaning is a Level 2 BEE value-added supplier, ISO 9001 accredited and a certified audited member of the National Contract Cleaning Association (NCCA). From Occupational Health and Safety to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), strict adherence to the highest cleaning standards is at the heart of the services provided to the JSE.

Servest Cleaning is the 4th biggest contract cleaning supplier nationally and provides all cleaning services for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. This includes all day and night shifts as well as all exterior window cleaning. The division also uses the latest I-Inspect technology ensuring that all cleaning staff are in the right place, at the right time – all the time. Customised packages monitor general time attendance, break times in canteens, change room and cleaning schedules.

Servest’s innovative approach combines technology with the use of powdered chemicals to support global environmental sustainability initiatives. A partnership with Innu-Science means that all products contain a biodegradability of over 90% in 14 days and 99% over 28 days.

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