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By 2nd August 2017Blog
Groundhouse Coffee


Most people spend about a third of their lives working (some 90,360 hours over the course of a typical lifetime) and yet employees are chronically disengaged worldwide.

A 2013 study found that only 23% of South African employees were engaged at work, 62% were not engaged, and an alarming 15% were ‘actively disengaged’. That means for every motivated worker actively engaged in producing value for their organisation, there were three other workers just watching the clock.

It is therefore vital to do everything possible to increase employee engagement, improve staff productivity in the workplace, and generally ramp up everyone’s enjoyment.

A proven way to start achieving these noble goals without breaking the bank is to invest in a decent coffee station. Water cooler conversations are ok but everyone knows where the real action is, over by the awesome new workplace coffee station. Don’t underestimate the goodwill and staff productivity you can build up simply by saving them the cost of their daily coffee fix. Plus you’ll be saving a ton of downtime that they currently spend standing in line at the local café. You’ll reap the benefits of a more alert, more motivated, and more productive workforce.

Servest has developed its own artisan coffee brand – Groundhouse, to offer customers high quality, sustainably sourced, slow roasted coffee, served by passionate, well trained baristas who take pleasure in crafting beautiful coffee, just as you would find in your favourite coffee shop.

Groundhouse sources its coffee from sustainably managed plantations while supporting key development programs to help coffee growing within these communities whilst addressing socio economic development goals.

These coffees are then carefully blended and small batch roasted to showcase their individual characteristics and flavour. For the full Groundhouse experience enjoy with a traditional koeksuster or a rusk for dunking.

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