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Facilities Management Blog

By 20th July 2017Blog
Facilities Management Building

Office spaces are more than just their physical location.

They’re hives of activity requiring careful oversight and management concerning all their moving parts. Everything from cleaning services to IT management to office moves have to be coordinated to make sure there are no hiccups or conflicts.

Facilities management, as a strategic business support function, can actually aid and support the organisation’s competitive advantage. Organisations should use layout designs, air quality, efficient lighting and cleanliness to thus increasing workplace wellness for employees and productivity.

Providing a comprehensive range of essential facilities management services, Servest is your one solution for all your facilities needs. From cleaning to catering, security to building services, plus more, no matter your sector you can rely on the experts at Servest to deliver and manage a service that exceeds your expectations.

Seamless facility management operations share a number of common traits, and in particular two stand out above the rest: outstanding leadership and clarity of purpose. Achieving the balance between minimum levels of service and optimum cost requires quality information, great planning and, above all, a well‐led, talented and focused team of motivated facilities managers (specialists and generalists) operating with a clear purpose.

Servest offers a fully integrated facilities management service consolidating many or all of your office’s services under one contract and management team. This aids in streamlining communication and makes day-to-day operations easier to manage, thus increasing workplace productivity and workplace wellness of employees.

The Servest team can assist you in planning, creating and operating your built assets, and we are available to work either as your integrated solutions contractor or as a consultant. No matter what option you choose we are here to guide and assist you. Contact us on [email protected] for more information

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We provide a comprehensive range of essential facilities management services to numerous clients across various sectors.

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