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Excellent Meat Market

By 28th February 2017Case Studies

Compliancy saves key contract

Servest Cleaning first approached Excellent Meat in February 2013 to offer them a cleaning solution at their main meat packing plant.

Our approach was based on food safety and HACCP compliancy given that their biggest customer is Woolworths. Excellent Meat was conducting the cleaning on an in-house basis, making use of their own staff who worked in the meat packing facility. They were extremely reliant on their chemical supplier to assist them with cleaning regimes and methodology.

We surveyed the meat packing facility and compiled a service solution, focusing on food safety and HACCP and presented our solution to Excellent Meat. The service solution and presentation was well received but the overriding concern was the “perceived” additional spend that would be incurred outsourcing the cleaning component.

We explained the costs related to our cleaning solution in great detail and urged Excellent Meat to review their in-house cleaning spend by taking all factors into account. They were essentially looking at their monthly chemical spend as the cost of cleaning.

We then asked Excellent Meat to do a calculation related to what they spend on the labour component to complete the cleaning. Because they were using their own factory staff who were essentially meat packers, they never took into account the additional wages spent for overtime that was being paid to the meat packers to do the cleaning. The cleaning was being done after normal hours of operation. They then did a calculation to determine the additional wages spend and the concern regarding the “perceived“ additional spend then became less important.

We presented Excellent Meat with a complete Sanitisation Programme regarding the correct cleaning methodologies and systems utilised in a Food Manufacturing plant. We demonstrated our ability to manage a fully HACCP compliant solution and how the correct management of the required cleaning protocols would improve the standard of cleaning. We focused on the standards that were required by their biggest client, Woolworths, and demonstrated to them how we would be able to provide value by ensuring complete HACCP compliancy in line with Woolworths auditing requirements.

This process went on for approximately seven months and in October 2013, Excellent Meat asked to meet with us urgently. They had undergone a Woolworths audit and had not only failed the audit, but Woolworths had shut down one of their productions lines due to non-compliancy. Excellent Meat was on the verge of losing Woolworths as a client due to poor cleaning standards. We agreed to implement cleaning services on a trial basis for three months (November 2013, December 2013 and January 2014). Despite the fact that it was only for a three month trial period, we implemented the service on the same basis that we implement a contractual service. We conducted extensive Food Safety and HACCP training with our staff and management and within a two week period there was a vast improvement in the standard of cleaning. After the two week period, Woolworths lifted the enforced shutdown and production resumed.

During January 2014, Woolworths again conducted an audit. The audit was found to be compliant and in line with Woolworths requirements/standards as well as being HACCP compliant from a cleaning perspective.

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