Nerishni Govender

Group HR Manager

Nerishni, who has been with Servest since 2008, is presently the Group HR Manager for Servest SA, and has held several senior HR positions over the past 15 years. She is also the Manager of the Lesipho Trust established in 2014.

nerishni govender


Nerishni achieved the Servest Star award as well as the Recognition of Excellence Award in 2014. She has successfully assisted in managing and maintaining the company’s BBBEE level 2 Status and provided guidance and leadership to the HR & Training team across business lines.


Nerishni is a people’s person that is dedicated, passionate with a strong moral character.


Care for and grow the people we have in the business, in the context of their realities made visible, by them being brand ambassadors of Servest. In that way enable Servest to be an employer of choice creating stakeholder value.

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