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Office Water Dispensers

Water Dispensers providing clean filtered water is a healthy choice for any office, industrial site or home


At Servest, our goal is to provide you with affordable water solutions of the best quality. Our water filtering and reverse osmosis systems have proven to be a great investment thanks to the ability to purify every day tap water (potable water). Our philosophy with regards to filtered water has always been ('buy a filter or be the filter').

We have two effective types of water filtering systems:
Manually filled systems (point of use): Filtration of onsite tap water.

Inline Systems (point of use): Filtration systems directly connected to a water supply whereby tap water is automatically filtered and available for use.
In a busy office environment or industrial site, conveniently placed water coolers or fountains are a constant supply of cold water to keep staff and clients hydrated and feeling fresh at all times. Our experienced sales consultants will take you through the benefits of each system and help you decide which system is best for your space.

All of our products conform to international standards and our range includes:
Desktop water dispensers and purifiers

Free standing water dispensers and purifiers

Mineral pots - portable desktop water purifiers

Inline water purifiers which include:

Water fountains and industrial water fountains

Reverse osmosis systems and under counter filtrations systems

Water treatment devices

Replacement water filters

We install it and you enjoy it!
Servest is well renowned for providing quality purified water that tastes better, looks clearer and most importantly, it is not contaminated with harmful chemicals. We have a nationwide network to install, maintain and service our range of water dispensers, fountains and purifiers.

Bottled Water

We supply bottled water (500ml) in cases of 24 bottles per case or 18.9Lt PC bottles.
We make use of Reverse Osmosis as an advanced water treatment process forcing filtered water through a specially engineered membrane at high pressure to remove impurities such as dissolved salts, viruses, pesticides and most organic compounds. Our water is also treated with ozone and ultra violet lights for added protection.
Quality purified water you can trust!