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For us, protecting the environment is an obligation not a choice

Servest is committed to the upliftment and development of communities, by annually contributing to various corporate social responsibility initiatives, and meeting the diverse needs of people in different communities.

Working to support many of it clients’ own initiatives and creating some of its own, Servest recognizes and champions the need to be more efficient in the consumption of the planet’s resources and embraces every opportunity to reduce, re-use and recycle.

We are committed to applying best practices in environmental management in our daily business activities, including planning, capital expenditure and operating procedures.

Manage and use land, raw materials and resources responsibly

Composting of green waste

Use of organic fertilizers

Monitor and audit environmental performance of all our operations and activities, according to internationally accepted environmental management standards

Some of our initiatives include:

The installation of the vehicle Telematics Tracking System to the Group’s vehicle fleet provides better fuel efficiencies.

Servest’s Cleaning division has partnered with Innu Science. The environmental and sustainable advantages of the Innu Science range include it being Ecolabel registered. The products are tested according to OECD standards and contain a biodegradability of over 90% in 14 days and 99% over 28 days. Other benefits include neutral pH levels and limiting the use of increasingly scarce petroleum and plant resources through the use of biotechnology.

Servest’s Hygiene division has introduced the Phytobac System. This process allows for the effective rinsing of pesticide bottles which prevents the contamination of the water system.

Servest’s Office Services division has the
following sustainable measures in place:

A chipper at the Group’s Malelane farm recycles all plant material for use as compost.

A re-growing project at Lone Creek Farm takes deteriorated plant material from client sites and restores this into healthy useable yield.