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We design, build and operate camps for the mining, energy and construction sectors in a growing number of African countries including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique

Remote Camp Management

We know that our remote camps are really communities, so our services go beyond catering. Whether it’s a mobile exploration camp, a temporary construction camp or a 15-year steady state mine village, your crew deserves more than a cold shower and a budget bed. We design camps that are comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly, cost effective and simple to operate.


Our approach to design integrates home from home accommodation with full service delivery of:






Laundry service

Maintenance of gardens and grounds


Reception and front office

Recreational facilities

Refuse removal


We build communities

Our camps are designed and built to create a legacy through developing local enterprises. So, all our ingredients are sourced locally where possible, preferential employment is given to community residents and we provide on going training and development to safeguard sustainability.

The people whose lives we touch, their communities and the environment we share, all matter deeply to us. We will always think through the consequences of what we do, so that our contribution to the world is real and lasting.


Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) policy

As Servest Catering and Camp Management, we acknowledge and accept our responsibility to protect and safeguard our employees, customers, sub-contractors and the environment. We are committed to creating and implementing HSEQ solutions through our passion for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

We will comply and where possible exceed all applicable laws and regulations governing HSEQ performance and place emphasis on reducing risk. All of our procedures are aligned with HACCP principles.