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Servest Landscaping did the installation of the Montecasino precinct gardens in 1999 and have retained the contract for maintenance ever since. The complex’s Tuscan theme calls for high intensive maintenance involving clipping and pruning to keep the complex’s signature look and involves two seasonal colour changes. Servest manages all wet waste from the restaurants. This is integrated with the organic waste materials to form compost which is re-used in the gardens. The Complex’s popular Bird Garden is part of the Servest contract and is managed stringently with careful planning and implementation in providing robust foliage that will not harm the bird life.

Servest Security was contracted to Montecasino in 2007. This world class destination requires high profile security which Servest delivers through access control, general patrols, retail guarding, events management and parking management. Servest is credited for its professionalism, time keeping, guarding of VIP’s visiting the complex, as well as its in public relations approach critical to an entertainment and retail environment.