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Pests are known to spread disease and cause damage to building
structures as well as product

Besides this, the knowledge that pests may be present in the environment can cause psychological unhappiness to staff and visitors

Specialising in the commercial and industrial markets, our technically trained sales consultants take pleasure in tailor making pest management solutions to suit your needs. Our licenced Pest Control Technicians are fully equipped to inspect, identify, treat and control all forms of structural pests. These may include:

Silver fish
Midges / fruit flies
Thorough inspections are carried out during each service enabling the technicians to treat only for insects that are present thus reducing the quantity of insecticide being released into both the workplace and environment.
Our specialised Ultra Pest teams are fully versed in carrying out services to the food industry, and thus conform to all quality standards. They are responsible for their own schedules so as to ensure that all regularity call backs are actioned. 
All Pest Control Operators are licenced with the Department of Agriculture.
All pesticides are registered with the SABS and Department of Agriculture.
Member of SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association).

Registered with PCSIB (Pest Control Services Industry Board).
One National Pest Control Operations Support Manager and 6 Field Supervisors across the country to support all field technicians.
National foot print.
All billing done in arrears, therefore only when the service has been completed.