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Servest knows that parking is all about maximising revenue and minimizing costs on your property investment.

The success of our business is based on the adage of “think like an owner”, where we drive revenues and minimize costs of not only our own properties, but those of our clients too.


Everything we do at Servest is aimed at maximising parking returns, and our solid 20-year track record means that you can rely on us to deliver the best-practice parking management services and latest technologies. One recent innovation is KaChing, the exciting new ticketless cashless pay-parking solution co-developed by Servest, currently being installed throughout South Africa. KaChing offers a massively-more convenient way for people of pay for their parking with no ticket, no cash, no queues, no stopping. The parking transaction is now a simple drive-in-drive-out convenience.

Servest runs state-of-the-art software platforms and industry best-practice audit systems under our SPDM methodology. That is the cornerstone of our service delivery to maximize returns and minimize risks for our property clients and partners.

Our reputation as Africa’s leading parking services company means that we now manage over 100 major contracts in shopping malls, airports, hotels, corporates, municipal on-street parking, multi-storey parkades and public parking areas across the African continent. Servest Parking employs 1,200 people, we manage 90,000 bays, and handle 250,000 cars a day.

We operate throughout South Africa and have established a growing footprint in eight sub-Saharan African countries, giving us first-mover advantage to partner with property funds, developers and owners as they invest on the continent. 

When it comes to our involvement in parking projects, we bring innovative and creative thinking. We structure our involvement in parking projects using a range of different approaches, business models and investment methodologies. These range from straight outsourcing of parking management services, to Joint Venture parking developments, Built-Operate-Transfer capital projects, Public-Private-Partnerships, projects requiring Equity Investment, and Parking Management contracts in rental and/or revenue-sharing financial models.

Our industry-leading training modules allows Servest to put forward a calibre of staff befitting it’s industry standing. In addition, we practice stringent compliance with all industry regulations and legislation. This includes MIBCO, compliance with all tax, VAT and payroll legislation, compliance with staff and statutory regulations, and direct foreign investment exchange controls.