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Consistent Service Delivery through Innovation

Servest cleaning services offer valuable, accurate and real time quality control to all clients at the touch of a button. This is achieved through innovative advancements in information technology called Customer Service Intelligence (CSI).

This technology was developed by the Servest Group to allow for real time reporting and quick response time to our clients, ensuring that they have complete piece of mind.

By understanding the key objectives of “outsourcing”, we are able to monitor the fundamental pillars that result in client satisfaction, also known as our cardinal rules. At Servest Cleaning we pride ourselves on our six cardinal rules of cleaning.

These are:

People – Trained staff on site on time;

Pay – Pay staff correctly and on time;

Appearance – Uniforms and PPE always 100%;

Stock – Correct chemicals and consumables always on site and used correctly;

Equipment – Correct equipment on site and maintained;

Service – Quick and effective reaction time to client requests.

Every month our clients rate us on our cardinal rules via our CSI system with all faults going straight to our Managing Director, Francois Oosthuizen. Faults remain on the system until our client is happy and they have received the excellent service that they deserve and for which they pay.

Servest utilises our Customer Service Intelligence (CSI) to monitor our performance versus our clients' customised Service Level Agreement (SLA). On a monthly basis, a full audit is done as per the agreed SLA. Our operations and site managers do monthly site audits together with you the client and measure our performance against the SLA. This is a paperless system on our tablets with full automation of results sent to our clients. Once the audit is signed off on the tablet screen, our client receives the results via email within seconds of completion. All faults remain open until they are corrected by our team and closed off on the CSI system.

No need to worry if you have lost the audit, we store all the audits on our Dimension Data server backup for your retrieval at any time.

Our CSI system also records all training taking place nationally at all our clients' sites, letting you know immediately when training has been completed and what training has been done. 

We understand that contract cleaning is as much about how we get the job done, as it is about ensuring the highest standards of cleaning which is why we use the latest technology to optimise the cleaning of your premises giving you valuable CSI. Not only does this prove valuable for individual clients, but it also adds increased value to clients who choose to invest in our facilities management services too.

Our innovative approach combines technology with the use of powdered chemicals to support global environmental sustainability initiatives. Our partnership with Innu-Science means that our products contain a biodegradability of over 90% in 14 days and 99% over 28 days.

We are a Level 4 BEE value-added supplier and a certified audited member of the National Contract Cleaning Association (NCCA). From Occupational Health and Safety to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), strict adherence to the highest cleaning standards is at the heart of our services.

We deliver our professional cleaning services across a wide range of sectors including commercial, corporate, education, food production, industrial, hospitality, medical, mining, public sector and retail.

Some of our specialised cleaning services include:

  • Carpet deep cleans;
  • Customised cleaning packages;
  • Cullet removal;
  • Escalator cleaning;
  • Event cleaning;
  • Graffiti and gum removal;
  • Gritting services;
  • High access cleaning;
  • High pressure cleaning;
  • Kitchen cleaning;
  • Site cleaning on existing and new developments;
  • Stadium cleaning;
  • Specialised floor cleaning, including marble and granite;
  • Stripping and sealing of floors;
  • Truck wash;
  • Warehouse and distribution centre cleaning;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Once-off deep cleaning including walls, floors and sanitary ware.




Silver Arrow – for Entertainment Cleaning
Silver Arrow – for Commercial Cleaning
Golden Arrow – for Education Cleaning
Diamond Arrow – 1st overall for Industrial Cleaning


Diamond Arrow – 1st overall in Cape Town and Cape Peninsula Survey


Golden Arrow – Education Cleaning – 1st overall
Diamond Arrow Award –Commercial Cleaning – 1st overall
Diamond Arrow Award – Industrial Cleaning – 1st overall


Golden Arrow Award – Education Cleaning – 1st overall
Golden Arrow Award – Hospitality Cleaning – 1st overall
Diamond Arrow Award – Commercial Cleaning – 1st overall
Diamond Arrow Award – Industrial Cleaning – 1st overall
Diamond Arrow Award – Entertainment Cleaning – 1st overall